Just a few days after announcing her intention to run for Arkansas governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has already laid out a few of her top priorities if put into office. She laid out these agenda items in a series of Twitter messages last Friday. Key to her campaign will be her initiatives designed to lower the Arkansas state income tax, improve the educational system so that it delivers more equitable opportunities, create more jobs, and reduce the size of the government.

Sanders reminded potential voters that while the liberal federal government is now out of their control, they can still affect what happens in their home state by voting her into office.

Trump Endorsement

Sanders scored a key endorsement when the office of former President Donald Trump issued a statement praising her and her abilities to lead the state of Arkansas. She rose to fame on the national political landscape when she served as the White House press secretary under the Trump administration.

Campaign Announcement

In addition to her experience in the limelight while working in the Trump administration, Sanders also has the benefit of being the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Sanders announced her candidacy last week in an eight-minute video. Since that time, she raised over $1 million in just the first four days of her candidacy. This money included donations from all of the 75 counties in the state, pointing to her broad reach.

Sanders’ Chances

Sanders will run for the office in 2022. Arkansas is one of eight states in the country that limits terms of the governorship. Incumbent Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson cannot seek reelection in 2022.