For shocking the world back in 2016 and ruining the establishment’s little party, the American elite—in media, in politics, and in the corporate world—has decided that Donald Trump is never to be forgiven.

Even though he has now been chased out of office and Joe Biden has been installed as president—despite overwhelming evidence of election fraud in multiple states that most courts refused to even examine—Trump is still being harassed by the establishment.

Multiple banks have refused to conduct business with him, even going so far as to close multimillion dollar accounts that he has with them.

He has been chased off virtually every mainstream social media platform under the sun from Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Spotify.

Democrats insist on impeaching him on the patently bogus charge of inciting a riot on Capitol Hill on January 6, even though protestors were already storming the Capitol before he had even finished speaking that day and even though the FBI and DOJ admit that the violence had been orchestrated and planned in advance. They do this despite the fact that impeachment is only meant to remove an officeholder and that Trump is no longer the president.

And now, the establishment is fishing for excuses to kick Trump out of Mar-a-Lago.

The Harassment Never Ends

Trump was a lifelong New Yorker but decided to officially become a Florida resident in October of 2019, probably because he was tired of being mistreated by the leftist political leadership there and hoped that Florida would be a more hospitable place.

After leaving the White House on January 20, he moved into his Mar-a-Lago club in South Florida, but the city of Palm Beach is trying to throw him out.

Palm Beach Town Manager Kirk Blouin says that Trump’s decision to move to Mar-a-Lago might be a violation of rules established in an agreement with the town back in 1993 when Trump made Mar-a-Lago into a club. One of these alleged rules was that Trump could spend no more than seven consecutive days and no more than three weeks per year at the property.

A spokesman for the Trump Organization flatly denied that any such rules were ever agreed to. “There is no document or agreement in place that prohibits President Trump from using Mar-a-Lago as his residence,” the spokesman said.

This childish, vengeful, and vindictive behavior should be shocking, but people have long grown used to the fact that this is how the left behaves whenever it is even mildly threatened.