The tech world was turned upside down on Tuesday when Jeff Bezos announced that he would be leaving his post as CEO of Amazon. Replacing him will be the current head of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) arm, Andy Jassy. The change will happen in the third quarter of this year.

Jassy’s Claim to Fame

Jassy was responsible for the recent banning of Parler from the internet earlier this year, claiming that the social media site was a threat to the safety of the American public. Jassy’s decision to temporarily ban Parler was in line with the actions of the other left-leaning tech companies that used their power to get back at former President Trump and his supporters.

Parler took swift action against Jassy’s decision, quickly filing an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon. The lawsuit alleged that Amazon booted Parler for political reasons and not because they were truly concerned with public safety.

Parler Focus of Ire

It is curious that Amazon and the leftist media focus their ire on Parler. A recent report by Breitbart News demonstrates that the rioters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 used the social media platform Facebook just as much to organize their protests. In addition, it has been shown that John Sullivan, the far-left activist arrested and charged for his role in the riot on Capitol Hill, also used a Twitter account and his YouTube channel to communicate.

How Jassy will lead Amazon under his watch as it relates to censorship is still unknown. However, those on the right are understandably worried about how their rights to free speech will be affected by this change in leadership.