It was not a good day for White House press secretary Jen Psaki. During Tuesday’s press briefing, she obviously had a challenging time fielding questions about the military branch known as the Space Force. This is surprising, knowing that Psaki seems to have the opportunity to screen many of the softball questions thrown at her in advance.

Psaki’s Dismissal of the Space Force

The drama began when Psaki was asked an easy question about whether President Joe Biden is planning to keep funding the Space Force military branch, established in December 2019. The question also asked if the funding would be at the same size and scope as it was under former President Donald Trump. Psaki initially laughed at the question before admitting that she did not have an answer, nor did she know who the reporter should ask about the issue.

What many found annoying was not that Psaki did not have the answer to the question right away. It was that she seemingly mocked this important branch of the military in her response to the question by saying, “Wow… Space Force. It’s the plane of today.”

House Rep. Rogers Responds to Psaki’s Comments

In response to Psaki’s ambivalence toward the Space Force, the House Armed Services Committee’s top Republican is asking Psaki to apologize for her response. Rep. Mike Rogers said that it was concerning that Psaki made an entire branch of the military her own personal punchline. Rogers also sarcastically pointed out that China would find it funny. Republican Rep. Michael Waltz also took the time to point out that Psaki’s response was uncalled for.