White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has only been at her job for a few days but has already been relentlessly mocked for how often she refuses to answer questions from reporters, telling them instead that she’d “circle back” with them later.

Whether this is just a nervous tic or a sign of a lack of preparedness ultimately doesn’t matter. It is still revealing about the kind of operation that Biden is running at the White House.

But now, Psaki has taken to mockery to ward off the fact that she just can’t answer questions. Apparently, she thinks it’s a good look to poke fun at a branch of the military.

Psaki Mocks the Space Force

Biden has been firing off executive orders in an effort to dismantle all of former president Trump’s accomplishments as quickly as possible.

Naturally, since the Space Force — a new branch of the military aimed at protecting American assets in space — was one of Trump’s signature creations while in office, it makes sense that reporters would wonder about the Biden Administration’s stance on it.

And so, Bloomberg News’ Josh Wingrove asked Psaki during a press briefing on February 2 whether Biden planned to keep the Space Force, whether he sought to cut its funding or change its scope, and what his general plans for it were.

Here was Psaki’s response: “Wow… Space Force. It’s the plane of today. It is an interesting question. I’m happy to check with the Space Force point of contact. I’m not sure who that is. I will find out to see if we have any update on that.”

Psaki called the Space Force “the plane of today” in reference to an earlier question she had been asked about Air Force One’s paint job.

But this attempt to mock the Space Force is just a deflection from the fact that she doesn’t know the answer to Wingrove’s question. She even revealed in her reply that she doesn’t even know who the Space Force point of contact is.

A Shabby Operation

This wasn’t the only time that Psaki was evasive and dismissive with Wingrove that day, by the way. As he said on Twitter, “my initial two questions also yielded no detail — why President Biden’s immigration actions today don’t appear to order the immediate release of children from ICE detention (which he’s called for to be done “immediately”) or raise the refugee cap, which Trump slashed.”

It may be that Psaki herself is unprepared for these questions, but another possibility is that the Biden Administration itself is disorganized and has no set plans in many areas. If so, then there are just no answers for Psaki to give on many questions. For those who’ve borne witness to Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, this is not out of the realm of possibility.