Son of President Joe Biden, Hunter, has moved into a new, luxurious California home with wife Melissa and their 10-year-old son, Beau.

The three-story property is believed to worth at an estimated $5.4 million, with the Biden family paying a reporting $25,000 per month to live in their new accommodation.

The home, which is located in Venice, California, is being rented to the family by the CEO and co-founder of Sweetgreen; Jonathan Newman.

Private pool, secret service agents, 24/7 protection

According to the report, their new property house two master bedroom suites, one of which expands into a lounge alongside a marble-covered bathroom.

The other opens up into a loft-type area that expands onto a balcony overlooking the Venice canals. To add to the value, the property has a furnished terrace alongside outdoor seating, an outdoor fireplace and a luxurious private pool.

The Biden family are also reportedly still making use of their 24/7 protection granted to them by the secret service as they move into their new neighbourhood, out of their previous $3.8 million three-bed property in Hollywood Hills.

What do Biden’s new neighbours make of the move?

Having a famous, new neighbour comes with a lot of activity throughout the area, as Hunter Biden’s neighbour has discovered since the move of the famous family.

One local spoke out about the increased security presence around the area now that the Biden family have become residents, noting ‘they’re driving around in these huge blacked-out GMCs, they look like they mean business’.

Other locals were also quick to spot the extra security, with some believing it could be good for the area, hoping for a decrease in crime rates throughout the neighbourhood.

Others believe the presence of Hunter Biden and his family could have positive impacts across the board, especially if the family engage within the local community.

‘I think his presence will help clean up the area and I hope he gets involved with the community. It’s a tight community with great people’.

The news of Hunter Biden’s move comes in the wake of reports that he is set to receive a significant sum for his new book, titled ‘Beautiful Things’, which tells the tale of Biden’s experience with drug addiction.

The book is due to be released on April 6th.