Maxine Waters has proven that her penchant for craziness can span multiple presidential administrations. Now, her untethered overstatement of the week has her accusing Donald Trump of premeditated murder for the Capitol riots. She claims that he had “advance planning” of the takeover of the building, whatever that means.

The Media Sits Quietly By

Rather than challenge Waters on her illogical and unfounded statement, her adoring media lapdogs simply let it pass. This is the latest in a trend of treating every pronouncement out of Waters’ mouth as gospel from a sage. Waters claimed, without any evidence, that Trump watched the riot despite the fact that he issued a video message for the rioters to go home.

Her accusations also contradict the explicit words of Trump’s speech where he called for a peaceful march to the Capitol.

Waters Is Once Again the Crazy Aunt

There has been no evidence whatsoever that has connected the Trump Campaign to any violence that transpired that day. The mere fact that Trump gave a speech that day does not in any way equal conspiring and premeditating any violence. Waters has proven that Trump Derangement Syndrome has not gone away simply because Joe Biden has taken the presidency. The radical left will continue to try to slander and libel Trump because that is how they turn their voters out to the polls. Waters is the avatar of the derangement who is lauded as some sort of “Auntie.”

All of this means that the left will not stop their efforts to cancel and destroy conservatives, attempting to tar them with charges that have absolutely no basis in reality. The left will stop at nothing to keep Donald Trump on the sidelines where he cannot rally Republican voters.