During his first sit-down interview since becoming president, Joe Biden told CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell that he doesn’t believe that Donald Trump should continue to receive intelligence briefings.

It has long been standard practice to provide all former presidents with regular intelligence briefings — called Presidential Daily Briefings, or PDA’s — but Biden wants to deprive Trump of this right.

The Establishment’s absolutely psychotic levels of pettiness and vindictiveness truly know no limits.

Biden’s Interview With O’Donnell

It’s has been standard practice for the media to feed Biden pre-screened and pre-prepared softball questions. The press is and has long been the loyal lapdog of the power. The true job and function of the mainstream media — whatever they might say to the contrary — has been to propagandize the populace and trick them into accepting the elite’s legitimacy.

Moreover, Biden almost certainly has dementia and would not be able to handle genuinely spontaneous and tough questions.

In keeping with these facts, O’Donnell started out a portion of her interview by saying that Biden had earlier called Trump an “existential threat.” She then asked Biden to state his “worst fear if [Trump] continues to get these intelligence briefings.”

In a transparently fake show of humility, Biden said, “I’d rather not speculate out loud.” And then, because the whole point of this set-up was always to allow him to speculate out loud, Biden proceeded to speculate out loud.

“I just think that there’s no need for him to have the intelligence briefings,” Biden said. “What value is giving him an intelligence briefing? [sic] What impact does he have at all, other than the fact that he might slip and say something?”

What was Biden’s excuse for this? The typical nonsense about Trump “inciting an insurrection” on Capitol Hill — even though it has been amply proven that he couldn’t have done any such thing.

The Elite Hate You

What could Biden have been referring to there? What might Trump “slip and say”? Could it be that the shadowy, cloak-and-dagger intelligence agencies might get up to some outrageous nonsense one day — like, say, toppling a foreign regime or arming a terrorist organization — and Trump if he learns of this, might decide to tell the American people? Is that what Biden is afraid of?

Regardless of what the truth on that matter is, the Washington elite’s irrational and psychotic hatred of Trump has always been a manifestation of its hatred of the people whom he represents.

The elite hate Trump because they hate you — flyover America. By excluding Trump from everything to which a former president is entitled, by persecuting him relentlessly and not allowing him, his family, or his associates to ever enjoy anything approaching a normal life again, the elite is showing their hatred of ordinary people.

It’s not Trump that’s really an “existential threat” to the elite. It’s you and the fact that you might find out what they are up to.