New Gig for Former Vice President

Former Vice President Mike Pence has a new feather to add to his cap. He will soon be joining The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow, according to Heritage President Kay C. James. The foundation has worked closely with Pence during his time at the side of former President Donald Trump. This relationship will be a continuation of this past work.

Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is known as one of the premier conservative think tanks of the nation, guiding policymaking in politics on both a macro and micro scale.

New Duties

As part of his duties as a distinguished visiting fellow for the organization, Pence will give regular speeches and write a monthly column for the publication The Daily Signal.

Pence will also have the opportunity to advise and guide the group on public policy issues as they relate to the nation’s conservative movement. This will be crucial as the organization rallies against the left-leaning White House and Congress.

History of Working With the Foundation

Pence has a long history of working with The Heritage Foundation. Over the years, he has worked with the group when serving as a congressman and again when serving as vice president. As part of this relationship, the organization was able to influence the Trump administration’s various judicial appointments and other important policies.

Pence said that working with The Heritage Foundation helped to shape his politics over the decades. He even used this experience to create the Indiana Policy Review Foundation (IPR) in 1989, a similar think tank in his home state.