Pompeo Defends Foreign Policy Under Trump

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showed no restraint in clapping back at President Joe Biden for his recent claims that “America is back.” Biden made the comments when rolling out his administration’s foreign policy philosophy.

Pompeo struck back during an interview with Fox News Primetime host Trey Gowdy. Pompeo used the time on screen to defend what the administration of former President Donald Trump accomplished under his watch, directing the nation on foreign policy.

Pompeo Criticizes Obama Policies

In addition to praising what Trump was able to accomplish with foreign allies, Pompeo also criticized the administration of former President Barack Obama for their foreign policy agenda.

It is clear that Biden will follow in the footsteps of his former partner in the executive branch.

Pompeo questioned what Biden meant by America being back, pointing to the fact that China is walking all over the United States when it comes to controlling jobs. It is understandable that Pompeo wants to protect the work of Trump and his team as well as their America-first foreign policy. Pompeo is fearful that the nation will go back to eight more years of Obama’s philosophies that did not put the needs of Americans at the forefront of the discussion.

Items Up for Discussion

In the interview, Gowdy brought up a number of important points of discussion with Pompeo. Pompeo insisted that Biden fight back against China just as the Trump administration did.

He also defended the decision to kill Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani, reminding Gowdy that Soleimani had been trying to kill Americans.