Jeep has hired Bruce Springsteen to star in an expensive Super Bowl ad where he takes on the self-appointed role as the voice for American unity.

Amazingly, the corporations that do things like this are still laboring under the delusion that ordinary people care what out-of-touch, over-the-hill celebrity narcissists like Springsteen think about anything.

And Springsteen himself, of course, still thinks that he matters. He thinks he’s so important that America will just crumble and fall apart without his saintly voice there to preach unity to us all. He thinks that ordinary people are actually interested in what he has to say about politics.

The results are totally predicable.

Another Vapid, Narcissistic Celebrity

Springsteen has made a career out of pretending to be part of the working class and of pretending to understand its struggles. Of course, the man has never worked a real job for even a single day in his entire life.

He has been in a band for nearly his entire life and has sold millions of albums. He owns multiple mansions, farms, and tax-subsidized estates. He has millions in net worth. He’s spent the last five years bashing Trump, and he has every single boring and utterly predictable opinion about Trump that every other celebrity has. He even stooped to claiming that he would leave America if Trump had been reelected. On what planet do you have to be on to imagine that this man has any meaningful connection whatsoever to the American working class?

Yet, Jeep wants to shove this man down everyone’s throats during the Super Bowl. Why? No one asked for this.

Even his most famous song, “Born in the USA,” is a thinly veiled and sarcastic anti-American screed.

Springsteen’s career hit its peak decades ago, but he doesn’t have the decency and good sense to just fade away gracefully. Instead, everyone has to see how important he is and how much he supposedly cares about American “unity.”

The only thing that’s going to happen when ordinary people see commercials like Springsteen’s is that they’ll swiftly switch off the Super Bowl.

People can see these self-absorbed celebrities for who they really are, and they’re tired of them.