The mainstream GOP is utterly worthless.

That party only exists to ratify and consolidate the victories of the left. When the chips are really down, establishment Republicans have always been the loyal lapdogs of the Democratic and progressive elite.

For further proof of this—as if any more were needed—just consider this: Republican House members have recently rallied around Liz Cheney and voted 145-61 to keep her in her House leadership position.

Liz Cheney Stays in Power

This is the same Liz Cheney who treacherously voted to impeach Donald Trump on the basis of the completely ridiculous and provable lie that he incited a riot at Capitol Hill on January 6.

Of course, the vindictiveness and power-lust of people like Cheney know no limits. She also released a statement on official House Conference Chair stationery that trashed the former president and repeated this long since debunked smear.

Cheney and the establishment GOP politicos who back her are all part of a criminal class. They will die before they do the right thing, and they will wash one another’s hands and cover for one another to any extent necessary to maintain their power. This is why Cheney has been retained in her House leadership role despite only 13% of Wyoming Republicans saying that they would vote for her again.

The idea that representatives should actually represent the people who voted them into office is no doubt a quaint idea to these criminals.

That is why the voters of Wyoming—the state which Cheney ostensibly represents—are being so contemptuously ignored.

Instead, Cheney went on “Fox News Sunday” and suggested, utterly without evidence, that a tweet from Trump in which he attacked Mike Pence for failing to do the right thing and accept electoral votes from states whose results were likely fraudulently certified may have been part of “a premeditated effort to provoke violence.”

Trafficking in blatant lies is not a new experience for Cheney, however. After all, she is the daughter of the arch war criminal and mastermind behind the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq lies, Dick Cheney. Liz Cheney is knee-deep in establishment filth, and she has been for virtually her entire life.

In no sensible reckoning of anything does Liz Cheney deserve to have any political power whatsoever. Yet, she retains her House leadership position. This tells you all you need to know about what the establishment GOP really thinks of you.