Upon his ascension to the presidency, Joe Biden’s first—and so far, seemingly only—order of business has been to make it look like the Trump administration never happened.

To that end, he has signed a dizzying flurry of executive orders, more than any other president in history has done this early in an administration.

And of course, to truly erase the Trump administration from history, President Biden and his leftist handlers must undo Trump’s signature accomplishment: his border wall with Mexico. One of Biden’s executive orders, therefore, called for an immediate halt to further construction on that wall.

Although this sounds wonderful to those on the far left, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that a porous border, which anyone who pleases may sneak across, brings incalculable harm to a great many people.

A Rancher Speaks the Truth

Speaking to a fourth-generation rancher from New Mexico as part of the Fox News primetime show “Hannity,” Lawrence Jones elicited the following comments. Referring to the Trump administration, the rancher told Jones, “They were gonna build a wall, and it started in April of last year and we were really excited that this was happening.” He continued, “As soon as President Biden took office, he pulled the plug on this project and it came to an immediate halt.”

He also made absolutely clear that the construction project did not end because the locals were unhappy with the wall. “Everybody in our area is in favor of this wall because they’ve seen where it’s worked and that it does work.”

One of the rancher’s major concerns for years has been having to deal with a flood of illegal immigrants trampling all over his property as they crossed the border. He made it clear that the wall had taken care of that problem for him.

The rancher, who seemed to see straight into the heart of the matter, added, “This is all a politically driven agenda and this is what’s frustrating to me is the Biden administration, they’re stopping the wall, in my opinion, to hurt Trump’s legacy of securing the border. When in reality all it is doing is hurting the American people.”

Not only do the immigrants streaming over the border tend to bring with them enormous amounts of crime—especially violent crime—and drugs, but they also tend to significantly change the voting demographics of many states, helping shift them in favor of Democrats.

Critics of open-border immigration policies have thus attacked them as a scheme to help secure unchallenged Democratic political hegemony over America.

Moreover, those workers who had been busying themselves with wall construction now no longer have jobs.

In short, the Biden administration’s decision will hurt ordinary Americans while only benefiting political and business elites—and it’s all being done as part of a vindictive slight to Trump.

This rancher can see that clearly. Many millions of other Americans can as well.