Almost no one had ever heard of “fact-checkers” until the truth started getting out.

So-called “fact-checkers” from organizations like PolitiFact have issued so many blatantly ridiculous and provably absurd “fact checks” in recent times that it has become abundantly clear that these organizations are nothing but glorified propaganda arms.

Examples of this could be pulled almost at random. One almost shockingly inane example of it was the Reuters “fact-check” for the claim that the inventor of the PCR test, Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, said that the test was not intended to be used to test for the presence of viruses.

Reuters claimed that Mullis never said this, but there is a video of him all over the internet — a video that anyone can watch — where he says exactly that!

Only a fool would take these “fact-checkers” at their word.

Well, now these propagandists have struck again.

This time, they’re trying to mislead you about Joe Biden’s transgender agenda.

Propaganda from PolitiFact

PolitiFact is one of Facebook’s most prominent “fact-checking” partners. In keeping with Big Tech’s overall mission to ban or censor anyone who speaks the truth on virtually any political subject, PolitiFact has dutifully jumped to spread subterfuge about Joe Biden and transgender athletes in sports programs.

Specifically, on January 25, PolitiFact has rated the claim that “Joe Biden has allowed males to compete in girls’ sports” as “false.”

However, according to Cristiana Holcomb, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, this declaration is a statement of an opinion, not a sober statement of fact.

PolitiFact’s argument is that Biden’s executive order “Preventing and Combatting Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” does not actually allow men and boys to compete in girls’ sports because it doesn’t “mandate any immediate changes” to athletics policies.

But of course, as Holcomb points out, that doesn’t matter. The order “clearly referenced ‘school sports’ and instructed federal agencies to reinterpret federal laws that prohibit sex discrimination — including Title IX — to include gender identity…,” Holcomb says.

A clear and obvious extrapolation of that is that “gender identity” will be understood to include those who identify as transgendered. Thus, a man who claims to be transgendered and declares himself to be a woman will, under the reinterpretation mandated by the order, be allowed to participate in girls’ sports if he so desires.

That is just a logical extrapolation of what’s in the order.

Thus, PolitiFact is playing games with semantics here and is using those games as an excuse to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with the elite-backed transgender agenda.

“Fact-checking” is irrevocably politicized.