Ned Segal, a Chief Financial Officer at Twitter, told CNBC reporters that former President Donald Trump would not be able to access Twitter even if he gets elected to the White House or some other public office in the future.

Segal tried to explain that when a user is prohibited from using a platform, this stays permanent regardless of who the user is.

Trump won’t get his account back, even if he gets reelected

Indirectly pointing to Trump’s alleged role in the January Capitol storming, Twitter CFO said that the ‘incitement of violence’ is one of the reasons that may get someone removed from the social media platform.

Since Trump’s Twitter ban that occurred on January 8th, nearly all major social media platforms followed suit.

Thus, Trump ended up being removed from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, among many other outlets.

The only platform on which Trump has an account is Gab, which the former President does not use regularly.

There were also speculations that one of Trump’s companies has negotiations with Parler, the social media outlet which was ostracized due to its unwillingness to conform to the rules of the mainstream tech companies.

Even though people such as former Parler CEO John Matze suggested that Trump and Parler are trying to reach a deal, there have been no confirmations on this issue by any of Trump’s associates.

As for now, Parler remains inactive after being banned from the platforms controlled by companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Trump feels better without Twitter

It seems that the former President is enjoying the benefits of being banished from Twitter and other platforms.

According to Jason Miller, Trump’s former campaign advisor, the former President feels much better without having to face intense hate and backlash from bitter social media users.

Miller said that Trump, who is spending his time at his resort in Palm Beach, Florida, has not felt that good for a long time and added that the former First Lady Melania Trump can confirm his words.

New announcement about Trump’s permanent removal from Twitter comes amid the Senate impeachment trial in which Trump is expected to be acquitted from the charges he faced in the wake of the January Capitol riots.

Reportedly, at least 44 Republican Senators are going to vote against the conviction, which is more than enough to avert the two-thirds vote required for the impeachment.