The city of Portland has been no stranger to violence in the last half of a year, as the city descended into further chaos last night as rioters attending an anti-ICE protest attempted to break into the Portland Police Department on Wednesday evening.

Over the last summer, and continuing in throughout this new year, Portland has become the subject of horrific riots caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, with damage to federal property estimated to be over the $2 million mark.

What happened last night?

According to the Twitter account of the Portland Police, rioters were attempting to break into the Portland Police Association building last night, vandalizing the property, claiming that ‘participants have tried to break down the door the Portland Police Association’.

The PPD has stated that anyone involved in the riots last night is now subject to arrest. The police threatened the rioters with arrest and the use of force if they did not leave the property, including the use of ‘less-lethal weapons’.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo documented last night’s events, following the rioters from the anti-ICE event all the way down to the Portland Police building.

The PPD released another statement later in the night, citing that the rioters had left the area and that no arrests were made.

According to the US Attorney for Oregon, Billy J. Williams, the total cost of clean up and repairs to the city of Portland from the damage caused by left-wing riots have amassed to over $2 million, a figure that is still rising as riots continue to sweep throughout the city.

A recurring theme?

Rioters gathered outside the Mark O. Hatfield US Courthouse for weeks throughout the summer, after the killing of George Floyd.

They constantly fought against police and counter-protesters to such a degree that the Trump administration was forced to send in federal officers to fortify the building and keep it secure.

The confrontations between rioters and police involved the vandalism of the building via graffiti, broken windows, and objects like firecrackers and even Molotov Cocktails being thrown.

Riots continued throughout the end of Trump’s term before picking up again when President Biden took office on Jan. 20th.

Rioters, many of who are believed to be members of the far-left group known as Antifa, continued their assault on the city of Portland, clashing with police and damaging federal property, with anti-Biden signage popping up over the last month.

These rioters have also allegedly vandalized the Portland HQ for the Democratic Party.

The total estimate of the damage caused to federal property by these far-left riots is said to be around $2.3 million.