Known Conservative actress and star of the Diseny+ show, The Mandalorian; Gina Carano, has reportedly been sacked by Disney and Lucasfilm over offensive posts she made on social media.

Carano is no stranger to controversy, with her various political statements regarding face masks and voter fraud, turning away some of her fans.

Now, after a barrage of new social media posts, the actress has once again found herself at the centre of controversy on Tuesday night.

What did she say?

According to the Variety, Carano reportedly shared a message on her alternate social media platform that likened the political divide in the US today with the events that took place in Nazi Germany.

She reportedly claimed that because ‘history is edited’, not many people are aware of the fact the German Jews used to get beaten up on the streets by their neighbours for the crime of being a Jew, not by the SS.

She claimed that the German government made their neighbours ‘hate them simply for being Jews’, which then made it easy for the Nazis to round them up.

She went onto compare this with the left/right political divide in the US today, citing that there is no difference between those events and ‘hating someone for their political views’.

Ever since Donald Trump came into the power, the left has furiously gone after anyone who holds a differing viewpoint, becoming incredibly violent in the process.

The emergence of cancel culture comes into this effect, something which Carano is now experiencing herself, with the message ‘#FireGinaCarano’ trending across Twitter.

The post was deleted from her social media accounts by Wednesday, with multiple reports now circling that she has lost her job.

These rumours were then turned into fact, after a spokesperson for Lucasfilm released a statement, declaring that The Mandalorian star was ‘not currently employed’ by the company.

The statement then went onto including the company has ‘no future plans’ to employ the actress, even after rumours started circling, suggesting that she would star in a Mandalorian spin-off series called ‘Rangers of the New Republic’.

The statement concluded by saying that the views shared by Carano were ‘abhorrent and unacceptable’.