President Joe Biden is not even trying to hide his disdain for 56 attorneys appointed by former President Donald Trump. The new president has quietly asked these 56 lawyers to resign from their positions. While it is not unusual for a new administration to get rid of the old guard, the left-leaning media was outraged when Trump did exactly the same thing four years ago.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Biden team is simply spinning this as a routine procedure, despite the fact that they were the same people who made Trump out to be a bad guy for doing the same thing.

Media Shows Hypocrisy

There is no shortage of media outlets who showed their hypocrisy over the issue.

Shortly after Trump let go of the attorneys from the era of Barack Obama, MSNBC and CNN both expressed displeasure at the decisions. Of course, The New York Times also called out Trump for asking 46 of Obama’s attorneys to resign.

Two Exceptions Made

What is curious to some is that Biden allowed two of the Trump-appointed attorneys to stay on in their roles. One exception is Delaware’s David Weiss, coincidentally the prosecutor charged with overseeing the federal tax investigation of Biden’s son, Hunter. In addition, Connecticut’s John Durham will resign from his position as US attorney but will be allowed to stay on in the role as special counsel investigating the origins of the Russian connection with Trump.

When asked about these two exceptions, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden let them stay on in a show of maintaining independence in the courts.