Former President Donald Trump reacted to the news of his second acquittal, potentially hinting at a further political future, as acquittal allows him to run for public and national office again in 2024.

On Friday, the Senate voted 57-43 to find the former President not guilty of inciting an insurrection against the United States government, much to the dismay of the Democrats and Republican rebels.

Trump then released a statement after the acquittal, his first statement since before the trial began.

What did he say?

In a statement released by his office, Trump began by thanking his team of lawyers and all the Senators who voted to acquit him, citing that they helped to ‘uphold justice and defend the truth’.

He continued by claiming that this second impeachment, alongside his second acquittal, continues the ‘greatest witch hunt in the history of our country.’

Also, Trump reiterated that no President in history has had to experience what he has, whilst also boasting his vote count at the last election, which was the highest ever vote count for a sitting President.

MAGA has only just begun!

The former President then gave hint to a potential run in 2024, which his acquittal will now allow him to do.

Trump stated that his MAGA has ‘only just begun’, a statement he first coined in his farewell speech which was recorded before he left office.

He teased his supporters, that in the next few months, he will have ‘much to share’, whilst reiterating that he looks forward to ‘continuing our incredible journey together’.

The Trump campaign has never given a nod to another potential run in 2024 before the trial started.

In a statement released by the Trump 2020 campaign a few weeks ago, they said that the former President does not have his sights set on 2024, instead, he wants to help the Republican party retake the House and the Senate in 2022, something which his son, Donald Trump Jr, has parroted over the last week.

Former President Trump was on trial in the Senate, under the impeachment charge of ‘inciting an insurrection’, a charge which he has now been found innocent of.

The Democrats claimed that he incited the violence that took place at Capitol Hill on January 6th, given his rhetoric used in his rally before the violence and his constant misinformation about the 2020 election.

The Senate voted to acquit the former President yesterday, by 57-43, leaving the Democrats 10 votes short from a conviction. In his previous Senate trial, Mr. Trump was acquitted by a more positive margin of 48-52.