The Biden Administration has decided to build a tent facility in Donna, Texas, to house and process illegal immigrants who have been crossing the border into the United States.

This decision has been made right as a migrant caravan originating in Honduras and now consisting of many thousands of people has been making its way over to the United States. The people in the caravan likely made the decision to come in the belief that the Biden Administration would be looser on immigration enforcement than the Trump Administration had been.

Despite blasting former president Trump with never-ending criticism over the conditions in such migrant encampments during his tenure, the Democrats have now begun constructing virtually identical facilities.

The Situation at the Border

As of right now, the immigrants in the caravan, as well as many others seeking to make it into the US from South and Central America, have been making their way to a makeshift camp in Matamoros, Mexico, a town located across the Rio Grande and not far from Brownsville, Texas. According to Oscar Borjas, an asylum seeker from Honduras, the people heading for this camp are doing so because they “think that if you’re in the camp, you’ll be able to enter [the United States] first.”

From there, a significant number of those who cross the border will find themselves in the new tent facility in Donna, Texas.

According to one official from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, “The Donna location was chosen because it is central to Border Patrol stations through the Rio Grande Sector.”

The Biden Administration is constructing other facilities besides this one to help them process and deal with the coming influx of migrants. One such will be a temporary facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, which was specifically reactivated to deal with unaccompanied migrant children over the age of 13. It’s estimated to have the capacity to house about 700 such people.

The Biden Administration is therefore scrambling to prepare itself for what it anticipates will be an enormous flood of people attempting to cross the southern border. Although officials from the administration have specifically warned migrants not to cross just yet, they are not heeding these warnings. The Biden team knows that it is unprepared and doesn’t have the capability at present to deal with the immigrants that will be coming. Hence, these new tent cities.

People who believed that the Biden Administration would be very open to immigrants are frustrated and angry. This includes the very migrants themselves. Erika Pinheiro, a lawyer for the group Al Otro Lado, says that “The migrants are starting not to trust advocates because we told them the Biden Administration would start processing them shortly after inauguration.”

This situation, though unfortunate, was probably inevitable, given Biden’s rhetoric.