With a stroke of his pen, President Biden declared the national security threat at the United States border over. Furthermore, he proclaimed that all spending on building the wall, which currently covers over 452 miles, cease immediately. The president went on to say that building the wall was a joke and that the United States needed to spend the resources on more significant threats to the country’s security.

Biden Receives Praise For Immigration Policy Changes

The proclamation sent to Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas, who is the head of the Appropriations Committee, praised the president’s actions, calling them a step in the right direction. Biden’s proclamation says that the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland Security should take necessary steps to resume, modify, or terminate projects involved with building the wall.

U.S. to Process Asylum Seekers

Biden’s administration also announced on February 12, 2021, that they would start processing asylum seekers living on the United States border beginning the week of February 15. These individuals would be allowed to live in the United States while the government processes their cases. The administration had already implemented a catch-and-release program along the Southern border.

Illegal Aliens to be Allowed to Enter U.S.

Approximately 25,000 people are waiting at the border for admittance to the country. Each person will be tested for COVID before the government transports them to three entry points. The government will not detain these individuals. Instead, they will be kept in alternatives to detention, but the administration failed to outline what options they would use.

Why Make Changes?

According to officials with the United States Customs and Border Patrol, three factors led to the president’s decision. First, Mexico refuses to release these individuals to live freely in their country. Secondly, migrant camps are at capacity, and COVID is spreading rapidly through the camps.

This is a considerable change in policy for the United States. Most people will be allowed to enter the country and will not be deported back to their homeland when the police apprehend them.