TJ Ducklo, the Deputy White House Press Secretary for the Biden administration, is currently dating an Axios White House reporter named Alexi McCammond.

Some journalists, including Politico reporter Tara Palmeri, have had some concerns about the ethics and propriety of such an arrangement. Palmeri in particular had been reporting on the story and did not appear to be altogether accepting of the idea that a reporter should be dating an official in an administration of which it is his job to cover.

According to a recent article in Vanity Fair, Ducklo decided to intimidate Palmeri for trying to report on his relationship with McCammond.

Ducklo Threatens to “Destroy” a Reporter

According to sources familiar with the incident, Ducklo attempted to call Playbook reporters and get them to quash Palmeri’s story.

He then called Palmeri directly and reportedly told her, “I will destroy you,” threatening to ruin her reputation if she continued to pursue the story.

But Ducklo reportedly went even further than this. Those who were there tell Vanity Fair that during an off-the-record call, Ducklo blasted Palmeri with a cavalcade of derogatory comments and misogynistic insults. Reportedly, he yelled at Palmeri and alleged that she was “jealous” because some unidentified man had “wanted to f*” McCammond “and not you.”

Hypocritical Rhetoric vs. How They Really Are

Of course, the Biden administration — and the left more generally — has said little else than that “inclusion,” “diversity” and “tolerance” are of paramount importance. Comments like this certainly don’t square well with such professed beliefs.

Biden himself even said to his own White House staff on his first day in office that he would not tolerate any kind of disrespectful behavior toward anyone, saying “I will fire you on the spot” if he were to catch wind of any such thing.

But of course, that’s all rhetoric. None of it is serious. Underneath the skin and in their heart of hearts, leftists — especially those with political power — are sharks. Their primary and paramount concern is the attainment and maintenance of power. The highfalutin rhetoric is just a cover for that vicious impulse.

We should be thankful for every moment when these people’s masks slip off them and we can see them for who they truly are.