New York State Assembly Proposes Change in Name

Lawmakers in the state of New York are pushing forward with a bill that calls for the renaming of a state park because it currently bears the name of former President Donald Trump. The Donald J. Trump State Park is a 463-acre parcel of land located about 50 miles north of New York City.

The new bill was introduced by Democrat Assemblywoman Nily Rozic from Queens. Rozic said that the state’s parks should reflect the values of New Yorkers and should be something that they are proud of. Additionally, she pointed out that there are plenty of New Yorkers worthy of having a park named after them.

History of Land

The former president bought the land planning to use it for a new golf course. However, he gave the land to the state when the golf course plans fell through. As part of the donation, Trump stipulated that the land be used for a state park named after him with his name prominently displayed. Since that time in 2006, the land has not been developed and is not listed as a state park.

Reasoning for Renaming

The bill asks that the park be renamed because Trump does not embody the history of the state being a welcoming respite for people of all backgrounds. State lawmakers have been at work for years trying to remove Trump’s name from being associated with the land.

In 2015, two Democrats introduced new legislation titled “Anything But Trump Act.” This proposed bill pointed to Trump’s discriminatory rhetoric when running for president as a reason to strip his name from the property.