Seth Brenzel is the white father of a mixed-race daughter. He is also gay.

However, according to the San Francisco School Board, it’s apparently at least open to question whether he is “diverse” enough to volunteer for an open position on one of the Board’s parental advisory groups.

Just when you think that the nonsense stemming from the “progressive stack” can’t accelerate any faster or become any more absurd, it always does.

Not Diverse Enough?

Heather Knight, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, caught wind of this story and reported on it. On Tuesday, February 9, the San Francisco School Board spent two hours actually debating the question of whether Brenzel is “diverse” enough to join the parental advisory board.

Of course, it’s abundantly clear that for leftists, “diverse” is a code word for “not white.” The fact that Brenzel is white seems to be the only criterion on the basis of which he could have been rejected for the position.

The objective merits of any candidates for any position simply do not matter to ideologues like those on San Francisco’s School Board. Indeed, it’s likely that they would dismiss the concept of objective merit as a tool of racist oppression. Just about the only thing that is important to them is not being white. For good measure, not being a man is helpful as well.

Normally, the council consists of 10 members. There are currently five open seats and two open alternate seats. All of the people currently on the council are women. Two are black, one is Asian American, one is a Pacific Islander, and three others have been described as “Latinx.”

However, Commissioner Matt Alexander, a new board member, complained during the meeting that “Arab, Vietnamese [and] Native American folks” are underrepresented on the council.

“I’m probably going to get complaints now I’m telling white parents not to be involved, or something,” he said. “I want to be clear, that’s not what I’m saying.”

However, it seems rather obvious that that is what he’s saying. What valid reason could there be to reject Brenzel, who runs a successful summer music school, for the position? Furthermore, as critics of this decision have already pointed out, doesn’t the fact that Brenzel is gay mean that he can contribute to “diversity?”

This particular school board has already received scathing criticism for its decision to rename public schools under its purview on the absurd pretext that the old school names are a “symptom of white supremacy culture.”

That claim was based on an historically inaccurate Google doc.

With woke ideologues like this, the greatest sin, the original sin, the most unforgivable sin, is being white.

Everything else is just window dressing.