One of the lawyers from former President Donald Trump’s legal team went viral over the weekend after a passionate interview on CBS after the acquittal of his client in the Senate.

Michael van der Veen appeared on the network to be interviewed by anchor Lana Zak, who he accused of downplaying the fact that Democrat impeachment managers had doctored evidence presented during the trial.

What happened in the interview?

The interview lasted just over 7 minutes, with van der Veen appearing on the network after the former President was acquitted on the charge of ‘inciting an insurrection’.

Tension in the interview grew after Zak questioned the lawyer about the opening defense of his client when he said that there was ‘no insurrection’ on January 6th.

She followed up by stating that in his closing argument, he used the word ‘insurrection’ to describe the events that took place at Capitol Hill.

Van der Veen took offense to the suggestion, claiming that the anchor did not understand the case.

He followed up by stating he used the word ‘insurrection’ in his closing statement when referring to the charge at hand, not what had occurred on Jan.6th.

The lawyer also stated that what happened at Capitol Hill was ‘absolutely horrific’, whilst saying that was has happened in the Senate over the last week as ‘not too far away from that’.

Van der Veen then claimed that the Democrats were desperate to make a case, to the point where they needed to doctor evidence.

Many praised Van der Veen

Lana Zak wanted to clarify for her viewers what the supposed doctored evidence was, as she calmly listed off the accusations that the Democrat impeachment managers came under with; those being a verified tick on a Twitter account retweeted by Trump that wasn’t actually verified, selectively editing videos and changing dates in selected tweets to tie them into the riots.

Van der Veen was mortified as Zak simply listed off these accusations so her viewers were up to speed, asking her ‘aren’t those enough for you?’

The media silence on these reports has been deafening, something which van der Veen took an issue with as Zak listed off the accusations, saying that the media should report these accusations in a ‘square straight way’, adding that coverage has been ‘slanted’.

The lawyer was praised on social media by numerous high-profile Conservatives for taking on the media bias, including by the former President’s son; Donald Trump Jr, whilst defenders of Zak cited that she was just simply doing her job by adding context to the interview.