There’s a great deal that we still don’t know about the Capitol riot. And of course, the mainstream media’s relentless lying about it is not helping anyone to arrive at the truth of what happened.

Some might even say that that’s the very point of the media’s erratic behavior on this question.

But Tucker Carlson has long been one of the mavericks willing to call out the media on its nonsense and say the things that few others have the courage to say.

This time, during one of the nightly monologues on his show, Carlson raised a few uncomfortable questions about the Capitol riot that don’t fit with the media’s narrative of a “Trump-led insurrection.”

Tucker Speaks the Truth and Asks Some Probing Questions

The media has now spent weeks canonizing Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. It has been said that he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by rioters on Jan. 6 and that he died a few days later from his injuries.

However, as Carlson pointed out, an investigation into the matter showed that Sicknick did not receive any head trauma. There is also no video of him being hit in the head with anything at any time during the riot.

If Sicknick had no head trauma, how could he have died from head injuries suffered at the hands of rioters?

The obvious answer is that he couldn’t have. Perhaps he died as a result of an allergic reaction suffered when he came into contact with mace.

Perhaps he later had a stroke from a cause that was unrelated to the riot. As of yet, no one knows how Sicknick truly died.

The media has been blasting us all with the claim that five people were killed as a direct result of the riot. However, on closer examination, it appears that one of these people was a man who had a heart attack while on the phone with his wife, another had a stroke, and a third person was a woman who passed out and was trampled to death by the crowd.

Thus, of these five supposed “riot-related deaths,” four were unquestionably accidental.

The only person remaining is Ashli Babbitt. She died because a Capitol Police officer shot her in the neck.

The only person who is thus far known to have been killed as a direct result of the riot was Ashli Babbitt — a Trump supporter. Yet we are to believe that Trump supporters staged an “insurrection” on Jan. 6.

The media are shameless and relentless propagandists. It’s a good thing that we have someone like Tucker Carlson to call them out.