While President Biden called for unity during his inauguration speech, his actions indicate that he is afraid of the American people. Of course, you might be, too, if you stole an election.

Biden’s Inauguration

If you think back on Biden’s inauguration, officials were already taking steps to protect this president who could barely read from a teleprompter from the American people. His inaugural parade was virtual, with no one lining the streets. There was only one gala ball, and it was virtual. While Biden was ordering the wall’s construction on the southern border to stop, workers were quickly installing a new security fence around the White House.

Biden’s Executive Orders and Memorandums

Since taking office, Biden has signed 45 executive orders. He signed 21 between January 20 and February 9.

He has also signed 10 memorandums dealing with such diverse issues as the National Guard’s use during the pandemic and revisions to the federal housing discrimination policy. That may indicate that Biden is not only afraid of the American people but Congress too.

Biden Hiding From Press

While Trump took questions from many reporters he knew were hostile to him and his platform, that has not proven to be the case with President Biden. Instead, the reporter’s name that he is to call on next is given to him when the press is allowed in to ask questions. In the first month, about the only conservative reporter that could ask a question was Peter Dorsey. Getting into press conferences is also much harder as numbers are minimal and credentials checked ahead of time.

President Biden avoided the public throughout the campaign. That same policy has played out since he was put into office. It seems he has something to hide or has forgotten that he serves the American people.