Jonathan Chait—a lifelong liberal who is infamous among conservatives for the hysterical way in which he participated in spreading lies about former President Donald Trump colluding with Vladimir Putin—surprisingly appears to be rather disturbed by Disney’s recent decision to fire actress Gina Carano and remove her from the show “The Mandalorian” over her political opinions.

Chait appears to be so disturbed by this that he has penned an article in New York Magazine comparing the firing to Hollywood’s moves to blacklist suspected communists back in the 1940s and 1950s.

The fact that even liberals like Chait are beginning to voice objections to the cancel culture mob is encouraging, however timid those objections are. It’s also a sign of just how far persecution of the people over their political opinions has gone and how absurd it has become.

The New McCarthyism

Carano was fired over an Instagram post in which she pointed out that before the Nazis were truly able to ramp up persecution of Jews, it was first necessary to make it socially acceptable to demean and shun them. Ordinary people were encouraged to report Jews to the government, chase them from their neighborhoods, and so on. Her point was that conservatives are being stigmatized much as Jews were and that since the persecution of Jews grew more intense, the persecution of conservatives may ramp up as well.

Absurdly, the post was attacked as “anti-Semitic.” Coming to Carano’s defense, Chait pointed out that “there is no hint anywhere in this post of sympathy for Nazis or blame for their victims.”

Speaking more generally about the state of political opinion in Hollywood, Chait said that “it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the blacklist policy [against communists in the 1940s and 1950s] from the emerging current treatment of right-wingers.”

Of course, all those in Hollywood have long been expected to have totally uniform and utterly predictable opinions on every political topic, and those who stepped out of line have long been punished and blacklisted. Carano is far from the first to be so victimized. She just happens to be quite popular.

In some ways, though, the persecution of conservatives by Hollywood today is worse than McCarthyism ever was. As historians like Ronald Radosh, M. Stanton Evans, and Allan Ryskind have detailed in their work, there actually was at least some truth to Joe McCarthy’s accusations of communist infiltration of the U.S. government and of Hollywood.

Even if the reaction to this problem was sometimes excessive, it had a basis in fact. The worries in Hollywood over “Nazis” and “the far-right” taking over the country, however, are utterly fanciful.

Carano’s Fans Fight Back

Outraged, Carano’s fans, and conservatives more generally, have started a petition on demanding that Disney and Lucasfilm give Carano her job back and agree to keep politics out of their artistic and cinematic decisions from now on.

The Daily Wire has also recently agreed to help Carano produce and star in her own movie.

Perhaps the pressure will be enough to start reforming the suffocating ideological uniformity in Hollywood circles.