Leading up to Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, tens of thousands of National Guard Troops — more than 30,000, according to some counts — were stationed in Washington D.C., ostensibly to protect the capital and the new president from “violent extremists.”

Well, it has been nearly a month since Biden has been inaugurated, but the National Guard still remains in D.C. in gargantuan numbers.

Republicans have been growing understandably perturbed by this unprecedented situation and have begun demanding explanations for why this is going on, including from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Is Our Insular Ruling Class Afraid of Its Own People?

Initially, we were told that the Guard would only need to be in D.C. until shortly after the inauguration. Then, the goalposts were moved, and it was said that troops would be necessary until after Trump’s impeachment trial was over.

Now that the impeachment has ended and Trump has been acquitted, we are being told that the Guard will be in D.C. until March. Some reports even contend that it may be there until “at least the fall.”

In short, the nation’s capital is under de facto military lockdown, something that has cost the taxpayer $438 million by February 4. There is no clear reason why, especially since there is no real reason to suspect that any politician in D.C. — Biden included — is in any physical danger.

Speaking to “Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth, Lisa McClain, a Republican Representative from Michigan, said that she had asked Pelosi and other powerful Democrats why the National Guard continues to maintain such an enormous presence in D.C. She had asked to be given a briefing on these reasons.

She told Hegseth, however, that she had received “zero information, zero.”

Why in the world is this happening? It is only speculation, but one possible reasoning has to do with the elite’s perception that its hold on power is slipping.

For instance, tens of millions of people are convinced, after having seen powerful evidence, that there was significant election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and they believe that Joe Biden’s legitimacy as president is, at best, questionable. Much of America has been kept under draconian lockdowns as politicians seize enormous amounts of power and corporate elites only grow in wealth. The scientific establishment that has justified the lockdowns has been revealed, on many occasions, as incompetent at best and mendacious at worst.

People are growing tired of this, and the elite knows it. The elite are growing afraid that they can no longer control the narrative — irrationally afraid.

Many are demanding answers for why Democrats are maintaining a National Guard presence in D.C. despite there being no discernible threat to the city, but perceptive observers can make an educated guess about the reason.