John Sullivan, a Utah resident who claims to be a journalist, allegedly sold the footage he filmed during the January Capitol storming to NBC and CNN for U.S. $35,000.

This information has been revealed by court papers just days following an unsuccessful prosecutors’ attempt to legally ban Sullivan from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Namely, Sullivan has been recently charged with six crimes, some of which include disorderly conduct, civil disorder, and obstruction of an official proceeding.

Even though the jury rejected the proposal to remove Sullivan from social media, it ordered Sullivan to quit his job for the web portal Insurgence USA.

An anti-Trump activist who helped rioters enter the Capitol building

The mission of the portal is to provide the public with raw content from various locations in which protests take place.

The jury also instructed Sullivan to stop using social media to support any violent activities.

Sullivan has yet to face hearings regarding his involvement in the Capitol event.

According to the prosecutors, Sullivan is an anti-Trump activist who joined protests to undermine their peacefulness.

He allegedly assisted another rioter in climbing over a wall near the Capitol building.

What the footage recorded by Sullivan shows is that, after coming inside the Capitol building through a broken window, the Insurgence USA contributor started screaming that the rioters will succeed in taking over the Congress and burning it.

By its end, Sullivan’s video featured rioters’ confrontation with police officers who were taking care of the doorway.

Most memorably, the footage reveals a scene in which a police officer fires at Ashli Babbitt at the moment when she tried to pass through a damaged window secured by the police.

As a consequence of the shooting, Babbitt later died.

It was likely that these pictures attracted big news networks such as NBC and CNN to buy Sullivan’s footage.

CNN spokesperson told reporters that his station agreed to use shooting video for one-week and that, following Sullivan’s indictment, they stopped broadcasting the video.

No one from NBC has provided any comments so far.