President Joe Biden spent the holiday weekend hanging out at Camp David and seemingly doing nothing but playing video games. The activity was leaked by Biden’s granddaughter Naomi as she posted a video on her Instagram detailing the president playing “Mario Kart” with his family. Playing as Luigi, Biden used Arcade GP DX machines to take on his family.

Yes, that is a lot of detail about something that means nothing to the health of a nation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Media Goes Overboard

While most people will not fault the president for needing to take a break every now and then, it is the incessant media coverage that spins Biden in a positive light for doing nothing special that irks many Americans.

Colin Malone of GameRant said that Biden playing “Mario Kart” is a way to “humanize the most powerful man on the planet.” Newsweek went on to say that Biden has a history of engaging the nation through the use of video games.

Contrasting Coverage

It is important to contrast this media coverage to what former President Donald Trump received on his first Presidents Day weekend in office. NBC News spent their time reporting on the “Not My President’s Day” protests speaking out against Trump’s immigration policies. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported extensively on how much Trump’s visit to his home in Mar-a-Lago was costing the taxpayers. It should be noted that Trump also attended a fundraiser benefiting a cancer institute over that weekend.

It is easy to spot the hypocrisy when you look at how the media covered Biden like a saint for simply playing video games.