There is a well-known rule that a campaign staffer for a candidate seeking federal office may not go to work for any outside group that runs ads that benefit that candidate until after the passage of 120 days.

Everyone is accused of violating this rule, and through a series of tricks and subterfuges, people on both sides of the political aisle, unfortunately, do violate it.

There appears to have been yet another suspected violation of this principle recently, this time connected to the campaign of Georgia Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff.

Ossoff Staffer Mysteriously Paid By Never Trump Group

Staffer Keith Edwards was paid a surprisingly large amount of money under some extremely suspicious circumstances recently.

The group that paid him is known as the Lincoln Project. This is a group of ostensibly Republican Never Trump lawyers. The Lincoln Project is infamous now for, among other things, pressuring and intimidating attorneys in order to get them not to help Trump during his many election fraud lawsuits after the 2020 election.

According to FEC records, the Lincoln Project—which is a super PAC—paid Edwards $20,000 on January 4, 2021. This, of course, was the day before the Georgia Senate runoff elections. Ossoff, of course, won his election but under allegations of some suspicious behavior by election officials.

What is a nominally Republican super PAC doing paying the staffer of a Democratic Senate candidate?

As it happens, Edwards had actually worked with the Lincoln Project before. He had managed the group’s social media accounts and served as its Communications Director. For this, the Lincoln Project paid him $20,000 per month. After he joined Ossoff’s campaign, however, the Lincoln Project was no longer to pay him.

That makes the payment on the day before the runoff election even more suspicious. Even more strangely, Edwards has not received any payment from the Ossoff campaign since January 5, even though he was regularly paid bimonthly while working there.

The Lincoln Project is an extraordinarily shady group. Besides the despicable activity already mentioned, it seems clear that this group is partly a grift operation but partly also a means by which to hurt Donald Trump and allow the establishment to retain power.

Why would an ostensibly Republican group support a Democratic candidate for the Senate? Could it be that Ossoff’s vote would be needed in a planned impeachment trial? Or could it be that the Senate needed to be stacked in case Trump tried to challenge the results of the election?

It seems likely.