The mainstream corporate press is simply an arm of the Democratic Party.

This has been far beyond obvious to any even semi-competent and semi-perceptive observer of its behavior over the years.

Most recently, during a townhall that Biden gave on February 16, the media added yet more evidence of this proposition to the already-existing mountain. It tried desperately to cover up and excuse Biden’s many absurd statements and outright lies during the event.

Spinning Biden’s False Claims

Perhaps the most blatant example of the media’s shilling for the Democrats comes from the so-called “fact-checker” for the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler. He dismissed Biden’s obviously false statement that “we didn’t even have [a vaccine ready] when we came into office” as “a typical Biden gaffe.”

A lapdog media can always be counted upon to reframe Democratic lies as “gaffes.” Nothing even close to that kind of generosity was ever shown to former president Trump.

But this is hardly the only case of pro-Biden media shilling to come out of the townhall.

When Biden was asked about the Chinese government’s persecution of the Uyghurs, he gave his usual sort of incoherent answer, perorated by a ridiculous admonition to respect the different “cultural norms” of the Chinese. The media did not think that this was in any way deserving of criticism.

But given how many Americans’ lives have been ruined by the COVID lockdowns — and how many children have been deprived of critical experiences at school — the following question to Biden, coming from Anderson Cooper — and the media’s subsequent excuse-making for the president’s crazy answer — is perhaps much more consequential.

Cooper said to Biden, “Your administration had set a goal to open the majority of schools in your first 100 days. You’re now saying that those schools may be open for at least one day a week.”

Biden’s jaw-droppingly mendacious reply was: “No, that’s not true. That’s what was reported. That’s not true. That was a mistake in the communication.”

But of course, the previous week, Jen Psaki, Biden’s own Press Secretary, said exactly what Cooper had claimed about Biden’s own school opening plans. Psaki said, “His goal that he set is to have the majority of schools — so, more than 50% — open by day 100 of his presidency. And that means some teaching in classrooms. So, at least one day a week. Hopefully, it’s more.”

Even with Psaki’s caveat at the end, this statement clearly means that the Biden Administration would be satisfied if more than half of schools were open for only one day per week.

If Psaki is wrong, then Biden should have had the decency to say so instead of blaming reporters for his own administration’s apparent ineptness.

But again, the quislings in the corporate media did absolutely nothing to push back against this.