Our Vote Matters, a small, patriotic legal group concerned with fraud in the 2020 presidential election, has managed to set up an enormous $160 billion class-action lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and many other guilty parties that it believes to be involved in stealing the election.

Most importantly, you can even join it yourself.

The Nature of the Lawsuit

Gary Fielder is a lawyer with three decades of experience dealing with legal matters related to constitutionality and civil rights. He and his partners will be the ones filing the lawsuit.

To launch such an enormous lawsuit against powerful companies and other figures for violating the civil rights of Americans is an unprecedented undertaking, but Fielder believes that if it gains traction, this will have a significant effect on America as a whole.

“The best way to approach the situation was to do a damages claim—do a class action lawsuit,” he said. “[P]retty soon, we had … 8 different people from 6 different states.”

Fielder says that many parties “violated the rights of voters in the United States,” including Dominion, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and many different elected officials in a number of different states.

The case began as a small thing but has slowly built up steam, growing larger and larger and attracting more and more parties to it. It has also required a skilled team of experts to review, analyze and categorize a gargantuan quantity of data on the many election irregularities from 2020.

Even a Loss Can Be a Win

Given the extremely powerful interests that are being targeted by this lawsuit, it is, honesty, not likely to succeed.

People have already seen on countless occasions that judges across this country have been all too ready to throw out legitimate election fraud cases on purely procedural grounds.

Despite this, Fielder believes that even a loss in court for Our Vote Matters can be at least a partial win for the American people. The sheer size of the case and the mere fact that it will be happening will, all on its own, attract enormous public attention to the issue of election fraud and will expose mountains of evidence to the public.

As Fielder puts it, “And, just the public disclosure of information … what can be proven to a jury … is going to be the difference maker in this case …”

One extremely important aspect of this case is that it will be presented to a jury of 12 ordinary people rather than to a judge. That in itself will expose ordinary folks to the evidence and will also prevent judges from throwing out the case on unreadable or prejudiced grounds.

Fielder originally filed the complaint on December 22, 2020, but he is now in the process of answering objections made by the numerous defendants in the case. All in all, the process will take years.

However, for the sake of the American republic and for the sake of truth itself, Fielder believes this to be worth doing.