While people seem to be talking about 2024 as a battle of Haley and Pence if Donald Trump chooses not to run, a new name is drawing some attention in conservative circles. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is beginning to turn heads as voters appreciate his forceful style and his opposition to Joe Biden.

DeSantis Is Well-Known in MAGA Circles

DeSantis already has MAGA credibility that he established when first running for office. He has focused on individual freedoms and not overdoing his state’s pandemic response. As a result, Florida is coming off a successful Super Bowl, and DeSantis is riding high. While many may have underestimated DeSantis due to lack of name recognition, his personal style may resonate with Republican voters looking for a fighter. Even though DeSantis is not known to many voters yet, party insiders like his chances as he tries to build a national profile.

Re-election in 2022 looms large for DeSantis, but assuming he gets past token Democratic opposition, party insiders expect him to be looking ahead to the presidential race. DeSantis’ approval rating has held up well in spite of an all-out assault from the liberal media. The fact that he fights back has endeared him to voters in the state.

Voters Who Know DeSantis Like Him

As voters around the country begin to learn of DeSantis and how he has guided Florida, they have come to like him. Even voters in states like Texas have begun to gravitate to him. DeSantis presents both a fresh face and adherence to conservative ideals. He has been a steadfast backer of Donald Trump from the very beginning. Our guess is that you will be hearing his name more in the 2024 horse race polls. If Trump does not run again, DeSantis will be in the top tier of candidates.