During a Tuesday evening townhall meeting in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden told a young girl that she did not need to worry about catching COVID-19. The remarks came after the 8-year-old expressed fear of catching the virus and dying. While Biden’s comments were meant to reassure the girl, it goes against his administration’s reluctance to push for more school openings. If kids are not at risk, then why is the Biden team holding back on advocating the reopening of schools during this difficult time?

President Admits Little Threat to Kids

The president also admitted that there was little threat to kids while answering the question. Biden took it upon himself to tell the girl that she is not likely to be exposed. He also admitted that she is not likely to pass the virus to her parents. This admission gives more reason for the country to open up schools.

Conflicting Messages

You are not alone if your head is spinning in light of the continually changing guidance about school reopening. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidance about returning kids to the classroom. However, this guidance offers confusing directives. There is also the question about what constitutes in-person schooling with the Biden administration claiming that a one day week counts as being back at school.

Biden Administration Goals

The Biden administration made it a goal to get “the majority” of kids back in school within the first 100 days of his term. However, they later defined this majority as only being over 50%, a milestone that was already in place.