After the riots that took place in the Capitol on January 6th, security has increased around the area tenfold, with two layers of barbed wire fencing being erected around the Capitol to prevent intruders from entering, alongside the National Guard remaining after President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Capitol Hill police, alongside the Pentagon, were concerned about threats that they had identified on social media throughout the Senate trial of former President Donald Trump.

This was the justification for leaving the troops as well as the fencing up around the area, effectively building a wall around Congress (sound familiar?)

So, why do they remain?

According to the Pentagon, to protect against even more threats.

What are these threats?

One would assume that any potential threats to the safety of the United States government would be easily identifiable, especially if these threats are coming from social media.

However, the Pentagon has recently revealed that they actually don’t know of any present threats, with the Pentagon Press Secretary stating that everything is ‘safe and secure’.

After the acquittal of the former President Trump, members of Congress finally received communication from Robert Salesses, the Assistant Secretary of Defence for Homeland Defence & Global Security.

He stated, via email, that it was their intent to leave the National Guard in DC until ‘at least the fall’, which sparked grave concern amongst members of Congress who started to believe there was still a threat to their safety.

However, when brought into Congress and questioned regarding any future threats, Salesses stated that he was working with local law enforcement to assess threat levels, but he was not aware of any impending threats to members, whilst also stating that he wasn’t tracking any threats either.

So why do these security measures remain?

The question that is on the lips of every single member of Congress is this; why do these measures remain in place if there isn’t a verifiable threat to their safety?

A question that has been left wanting by the Department of Homeland Security and by the Pentagon, who had no answers, and no threats, even with the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Adam Smith, who agreed that the present threat level to Congress is low.

Keeping these measures in place is incredibly costly to Congress and the taxpayer.

As of February 4th, $480 million has been spent on defensive improvements to Capitol Hill, which involved an inner and outer barbed fence being maintained around the area, as well as keeping in the mass number of National Guard troops.

All of this for a threat, which presently, does not exist

Well, according to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the threat remains very real.

The Speaker has been pushing for a bill to pass through the House that will introduce further security measures to the Capitol, on top of leaving the two barbed wire fences up around the perimeter and maintain a high-security presence.

Nancy Pelosi wants to build a wall around Congress to protect the government from any potential, but none existing threats, all the while chastising anyone who believed in high border security on the southern border with Mexico.

Funny how things work, right?