The recent blackouts across Texas, caused by an icy storm that has swept its way across the country before devastating the Lone Star State, has uplifted another heated debate regarding the effectiveness of a Green New Deal for the US.

The storm caused a catastrophe to Texas’ energy supply, leaving around 4 million Texans powerless as the icy storm swept through the state.

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a big believer in a Green New Deal, claims that the damage caused by the storm in Texas would’ve been far less if the state had improved its infrastructure to align with a Green New Deal.

But is she right?

What did AOC claim?

Since being elected into the House in the 2018 midterms, AOC has long been a proponent for a Green New Deal, to the point where she even brought a proposal to the House to implement her ideas.

However, her GND was voted down significantly, all but quashing her hopes to implement it.

Since the wintery storm has devastated parts of Texas, AOC has taken the opportunity to act.

To her credit, she has risen over $2 million for charities that are working in Texas in order to get residents the necessary food and shelter that they require.

However, that doesn’t absolve her from criticism.

Criticism that is well warranted, after she suggested, on Twitter, that the crisis could have been avoided if Texas had ‘pursued’ a Green New Deal.

This is a very bold claim from the Congresswoman, whose own GND couldn’t even make it past the House of Representatives, a branch of government that the Democrats regained control over in 2018.

Is AOC right?

In short, no, she isn’t.

The founder of the Centre for Industrial Progress, Alex Epstein, took to Twitter to fact check her claims, as Twitter, nor any other governing body would do so.

Epstein breaks down her claims in a very professional manner, citing that the GND she proposed called for the mandated use of solar and wind energy, by eliminating coal, gas, and nuclear energy.

He then goes on to display a graphic that details the performance of wind and solar energy in the Lone Star State in the week before the storm hit, which shows that the performances of wind and solar power were far less than the performances of coal and gas.

It has also been pointed out, much to AOC’s disliking, that the use and effectiveness of wind power actually fluctuate throughout the year in Texas, peaking at 25% in the spring, before decreasing to a mere 10% in the winter, as per the Electronic Reliability Council of Texas.

So, in short, if Texas had transitioned to more renewable energy like solar and wind, the blackouts from this storm would have been worse, not better, as the storm had hit wind power generation the hardest, freezing wind turbines and other in cases, completely destroying them. How did the administration react?

President Joe Biden has wanted to turn to other sources of energy for a long time, as outlined throughout his campaign and through the actions he has taken in the office.

However, when Texas required assistance from the federal government to ease the blackouts, what did the government send?

Generators, electricity generators.

They didn’t send wind turbines or solar panels, they sent generators to kick start the output of electricity throughout the state.

The action taken in response by the Biden administration just proves alone that AOC is incorrect in her claim, as the power generators sent by the Federal Emergency Management Agency were much more reliable than wind and solar ever will be.

In a time of absolute crisis, AOC was completely and utterly wrong in her thinking yet again.