Amid all other controversies that have been present since President Joe Biden won the election, the one of Neera Tanden nominated as the OMB candidate seems to be breaking all the headlines.

A couple of weeks ago, Biden appointed the Indian-American Neera Tanden as the head of the Office of Management and Budget.

Given the fact that OMB is one of the most powerful agencies in the whole country, this position has to be confirmed by the majority of Senate votes.

While just a few days ago everyone thought that Neera is about to become the head of OMB, Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, publicly declared that he will oppose her election.

What’s the Vote Count?

The fact that the “Grand Old Party” lost the fight in Georgia (two Senate positions) led the leftists to believe that Neera Tanden will be confirmed by OMB.

In the case of a tie result (50-50), the Vice President (Kamala Harris) is the one who gets the ‘breaking vote’.

Still, with Joe Manchin suggesting that he won’t be supporting Biden’s nominee, at least one of the Republicans would have to change sides.

Calls to vote for Neera Tanden

With the possible outcome being largely discussed throughout different social networks, Jeff Flake’s tweet shocked millions of Republicans.

Apparently trying to appeal to the “GOP” senators, Flake wrote that he hopes Neera Tanden will be confirmed and that everyone should remember a Republican presidential nominee may need to be supported by the Democrats in the future.

This was quite shocking given the fact that Jeff Flake is a former Arizona Senator who was in office from 2013 till 2019 and is still a member of the Republican party.

Flake wasn’t the only conservative supporter of Biden’s nominee as Hugh Hewitt, a TV presenter also wrote an article calling the Republican senators to forgive and confirm Neera Tanden.

Given the fact that he was quite friendly towards Trump during his Presidency, this article was even more confusing to a large number of the “GOP” members.

Will Republicans confirm Biden’s nominee?

As of now, it isn’t something that anyone can know for certain.

While Senator Mitt Romney didn’t want to give any comments regarding the ongoing situation, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins didn’t respond at all.

With this in mind, all that remains is that we wait and see whether Neera will be able to finagle that game-changing vote in the upcoming few weeks.