Although more than three months have passed since the election in November, there is still a lot of controversy regarding the whole process.

As of now, it doesn’t seem that tension between Trump supporters, and President Joe Biden will be cooling off any time soon.

Apart from the fact that part of the former President’s supporters still doesn’t accept the results, Joe Biden comes off pretty harsh towards them in most of the interviews.

The latest case in which he mentioned “white supremacists” as the biggest threat for the country was at the CNN town hall on November 16th.

What did Joe Biden say at the CNN Town Hall?

While there were many topics up for discussion at his town hall appearance, the one that people are the most divided by is - white supremacism.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden didn’t seem to help that the two groups (his supporters and those of Trump’s) come to any kind of understanding.

He started off by saying that he entered politics in order to fight for civil rights and against organizations like Ku Klux Klan.

President Joe Biden continued with claims that white supremacism is the biggest threat the nation faces and that he does expect the Civil Rights Division as well as the Justice Department to play a crucial role in putting an end to these groups.

In what context were US Veterans and former Police Officers mentioned?

The most controversial statement of his appearance is that groups such as “Proud Boys” and other “white supremacist organizations” are mostly comprised of US veterans and former police officers, planning a military coup.

According to President Biden, this claim is based on numerous studies that are being conducted now and throughout the past few months.

The biggest issue with such claims is that some of the country’s patriots are sure to feel offended especially if they have no role whatsoever in the planning of “upcoming coup/riots”.

President Joe Biden finished off by reminding those present at the town hall conference that he asked former President Trump to condemn groups such as Proud Boys to which he responded that they will be standing by.

While getting into the context would require much more than a few paragraphs one thing is certain: generalization and claims that former military members/police officers are the biggest threat to this country shouldn’t be accepted.