According to a recent report issued by the Washington Post, the Biden administration may be so catastrophically short on COVID-19 vaccines and so incapable of distributing them effectively that it is seeking help from foreign nations to vaccinate its own diplomats.

One of the countries the Biden team is reportedly seeking additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine from is—irony of ironies—Russia.

Biden Begs for Help From Putin?

According to the Washington Post, “At least 13 foreign governments offered to inoculate U.S. officials serving abroad with their own supplies of U.S.-made Moderna and Pfizer vaccines — a gesture the State Department has already accepted, said senior U.S. officials.”

Reportedly, there have also been similar offers that have come “from at least eight other countries.”

It is odd enough that the Biden administration is willing to entrust the vaccination of its own personnel to foreign countries, but even more strangely and alarmingly, the Post also notes that, “In Russia, some State Department personnel appealed to Moscow for doses of its Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine after Washington could not promise the delivery of U.S.-made vaccine doses in the near future.”

Moreover, a senior U.S. official also claimed to the Post that the Biden administration has “no real plan” for vaccinating U.S. government personnel who happen to be stationed overseas.

Given that the Russian vaccine—as well as all of the other foreign-made vaccines—has not gone through any FDA testing, it’s quite shocking that Biden would be willing not only to risk subjecting his own people to it but to actually allow them to ask for doses.

This is a sign of embarrassing ineptness, and it comes not long after Biden falsely declared, in a CNN town hall, that there were no doses of the vaccine that the Trump administration had left for him to distribute.

Humiliation Overseas

If this wasn’t humiliating enough, the Post also reported that “some U.S. personnel have complained of being subjected to anal swab tests for the coronavirus by Chinese authorities.” In response to questions about this, a State Department spokesperson simply said that they were “evaluating all reasonable options” to address the issue.

Is it not absurd and ironic that after years of endless screeching over the supposed existential danger posed by Russia to the U.S., Democrats would allow major officials to be injected with a Russian vaccine?

Now that Trump is out of office, the anti-Russian narratives appear to have served their purpose and been abandoned.