Texas is currently facing an incredibly severe snowstorm that its energy grid was utterly unprepared for. Long-established energy policies in the state, which systematically favored—and therefore led to overinvestments in—unreliable “green” energy sources like wind at the expense of more reliable sources like coal, have made the energy grid incredibly vulnerable and unable to withstand shocks.

Now that the unfortunate results of such policies are bearing their fruit, one would think that President Joe Biden would at least attempt to head down to the state, speak to local leaders, coordinate federal and local responses to the disaster, attempt to get to the bottom of what happened, and just generally try his best to help out.

One would be very wrong, though.

The truth is, Biden has basically been nowhere to be found throughout this whole catastrophe.

Biden Ducks the Texas Mess

Not only has Biden not yet gone down to Texas or met publicly with FEMA officials to discuss what he will do about what has happened, but he has also yet to make any public statements at all on the matter.

Instead, he has been doing such dreadfully important things as playing “Mario Kart” at Camp David with his granddaughter. In his town hall on CNN last week, he did not even mention the Texas situation, and no one in the press called him out on it or even tried to force his attention on the topic.

It’s bad enough that Biden has been running away from this disaster, even calling an 8:00 a.m. lid on things last week because he was too exhausted and dementia-addled to function, but even worse is that the media insist on being obedient stooges for him.

Biden’s Paltry Actions

The only slight action that he has taken has been to issue an emergency declaration about the situation—and even this has been woefully inadequate. The declaration only allows for the allocation of federal funds to individuals affected by the Texas cold snap in 77 out of the state’s 254 counties.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for an extension of such aid to every county. There are conflicting reports that the Department of Energy has authorized this extension, but things are not clear yet—which is itself a problem.

Imagine if Trump had had this kind of lackadaisical and devil-may-care response to a national disaster. It’s completely obvious how the media would have responded. But in Biden’s case, they carry water for him.

Of course, Biden is likely just too tired and incapacitated to travel, but it wouldn’t be difficult to at least delegate these duties to Kamala Harris. He’s already delegated things to her before, and it’s not like that woman feels reluctant about wielding power.

This clearly shows that Biden just doesn’t care. Or perhaps he wants to use the disaster as a way to integrate Texas’ energy grid—which is separate from the rest of the country—into the rest of the U.S.

Time will tell.