Karen Ames, the former Bronx School Superintendent, was recently fired from her job over what she says is the result of New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s “Disrupt and Dismantle” policies—which essentially target white people for career demotion and slates nonwhites for advancement regardless of objective merit or competence.

Ames is thus suing the New York City Department of Education for $150 million. She alleges gender, age, ethnic, and sex discrimination against her and tells a few extraordinary stories about the inner workings of New York’s education bureaucracy.

The NYC DOE Has Gone Terminally Woke

According to Ames’ lawsuit, she was grilled ferociously over her ethnic background at meetings. She says that Cheryl Watson-Harris, Carranza’s top deputy, once inappropriately interrogated her during a car ride about her history with the DOE, her family, where she lives, her ethnic background, and other personal details.

In one “implicit-bias” workshop, she shared a story about her grandparents’ experiences in concentration camps during the Holocaust. In response, Rasheda Amon, one of her colleagues, screamed at her to “check yourself.”

“That is not about being Jewish! It’s about black and brown boys of color only,” she said, according to court documents.

In another story almost too absurd to believe—were it not for the fact that wokeism has contaminated seemingly every major recess of our culture and made Kafkaesque scenes like this one common—Ames was even “admonished” for refusing to take part in a “Wakanda Forever” salute to black power.

Wakanda, for those who don’t know, is a fictional country in the movie “Black Panther.”

The movie is popular among left-wing race hustlers and anti-white racists because it presents an entirely ahistorical image of black African people as being technologically advanced prior to colonization. In short, the movie is a black revenge fantasy, and Ames was browbeaten for not showing it due reverence.

Fired for Being White?

This all culminated in Ames’ firing from the DOE. She was called to DOE headquarters in August of 2018 and brusquely handed a termination letter. Her former colleagues were prohibited from communicating with her, and Cheryl Watson-Harris ordered staff to “eradicate” any references to her—a literally Stalinesque tactic.

In her lawsuit, Ames says that she was fired on account of her race and other personal characteristics that are beyond her control.

She was not fired over her performance as Chancellor Carranza himself had earlier praised her for raising math test scores in underprivileged schools.

“The agenda of Chancellor Carranza and his senior leadership team was euphemistically touted as an ‘equity platform’ but in reality, it was a platform used to create gender, age, racial and ethnic divisions in the NYC School system,” Ames’ lawsuit says.