Cast your minds back to 2019, President Donald Trump has temporally reopened a facility to house migrant children at the border until they can be processed accordingly.

The Press, the Democrats, everyone on the left was absolutely up in arms about it.

The Trump administration was accused of being ‘inhumane’ by the Democrats, Time Magazine ran a front-page picture that depicted the President standing over a crying child, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led a publicity stunt to have pictures taken of her crying at the border whilst witnessing the treatment of migrant children (which turned out to be fake).

Now, the Biden Administration has done the very thing they chastised throughout the entirety of 2019, temporarily reopening the exact same facility in Texas in order to house more migrant children.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was questioned on this policy by a Fox News reporter, where she could only provide a limited set of casual excuses.

What’s the situation?

Jen Psaki gave a press conference yesterday, a day after it was revealed that the Biden Administration had reopened a facility in order to house migrant children at the border in Texas.

When challenged, Psaki claimed that this facility was reopened in order to comply with the Covid-19 guidance of social distancing, however, she had no retort when presented with quotes from the now President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who claimed in 2019, that this facility was a ‘human rights abuse’ under the Trump Administration.

The Press Secretary lied and deflected, blaming Covid-19 for the reasoning of this reopening despite what was previously said by Biden and Harris when this facility was reopened for a month in the Trump Administration.

This is not the first time that the Biden Administration has lied regarding their policy with immigration.

Biden had previously stated that no new facilities will be opened to ‘keep kids in cages’, that was a lie.

Biden had also stated that in the first 100 days of his presidency, that no illegal immigrants will be deported from the country, that was also a lie as it has been recently reported that over 26,000 illegal immigrants have been deported from the country since Biden took office.

Why the change?

Anyone with a keen eye or ear would have noticed the significant change in rhetoric when it comes to issues at the southern border, through the language used by left-wing politicians and the media, who definitely do not have an agenda.

CNN were the biggest hitters, after spending years lambasting the Trump Administration for ‘keeping kids locked in cages’.

Now that the Biden Administration is in control, their rhetoric has changed to ‘unaccompanied migrant children in overflow facilities’, just simply because they don’t want to demonize the party they support for doing the exact same as the previous administration.

In regards to the recently reopened facility in Texas, nothing has really changed.

The facility is using shipping containers, or ‘temporary buildings’ depending on your political affiliation, to house the migrant children until they can be processed.

The Administration and the Press Secretary have claimed they are completely against facilities such as this one, yet continue to open them anyway.

Psaki claimed that the reopening of this facility was to protect the health and safety of the kids from Covid-19, whilst unironically forcing them to live in a shipping container!

The fact of the matter is there are no kids being kept in cages like the Democrats and the media would have you believe throughout Trump’s term.

Yet the hypocrisy of the Democrats and the media is there for all to see when they instantly switch up their rhetoric whilst enacting the same policies the previous administration put in place.