Who could forget all of the pious wailings of Democrats when Trump was president and ICE had to detain massive influxes of migrant kids at refugee centers?

Who could forget all of the crocodile tears shed over the poor conditions in these camps, conditions that emerged because the facilities were never designed to handle so many people?

And who could forget Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, perhaps the most dramatic of the bunch, the person who called the ICE facilities “concentration camps” and who insinuated that Donald Trump was a fascist dictator for wanting to keep America’s border secure?

Her wailing was so dramatic, in fact, that she even infamously posed for a staged photo-op in front of a fence. She had photographs made that showed her on the verge of tears and looking seriously through a fence, presumably a fence blocking off one of these ICE facilities.

It was later revealed that no one was behind that fence and that the whole thing was staged.

So, if AOC is willing to be that dishonest to achieve political ends, one wonders what her reaction is to the fact that the Biden Administration has now also been opening up camps to detain illegal immigrant children?

It’s predictably hypocritical.

AOC Reacts to Biden’s Detention Camps

In a statement made on Twitter reacting to these new detention camps, AOC certainly did appear to criticize them. But her criticisms were much milder and nowhere near as histrionic as those made when Trump was president — even though the same thing is going on now as was then.

“This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay,” she started off by saying. However, she soon walked this denunciation back and appeared to allow for some nuance to the problem, saying, “It’s no accident that challenging how we approach both these issues are considered *‘controversial’ stances.”*

Then, AOC swung back in the other direction and called for the abolition of ICE and the DHS.

Subdued for Political Reasons

As conservative commentators and observers clearly saw, this was much more subdued than the usual fare from AOC.

Senator Ted Cruz’s Special Advisor for Communication, Steve Guest, described AOC’s comments as a “slap on the wrist from AOC to Joe Biden.”

Political commentator Stephen L. Miller couldn’t resist pointing out the difference between this tepid criticism by AOC and her earlier “flying to the border to scream through a chain-link fence.”

It hardly needs to be said that this is a move rife with political calculation for AOC. She won’t criticize a Democrat too strongly because she doesn’t want to threaten leftist domination of the country, but she must appear to be doing at least something about the fact that Biden has opened up these camps in order to save face.

No one should be surprised at this two-faced behavior.