Last year was full of controversies regarding the Presidential election process as well as how the ongoing pandemic was being handled.

Amid this whole situation, a Hayride publisher, Scott McKay wrote a very interesting article for the American Spectator.

Inspired by what Yuri Bezmenov, a journalist and an ex-KGB agent who defected to Canada, stated a couple of decades ago, he wrote an article on the acts that Marxists would have to perform in order to take over the USA.

According to conservatives and media reports, all four revolutionary steps have been activated in 2020.

The First Step - Revolutionary Propaganda

While you may think that no one knew propaganda tactics better than the Nazis and Joseph Goebbels - well, you are wrong.

As numerous historians and political analysts propose, Marxists lead the way when it comes to revolutionary propaganda.

Yuri Bezmenov was famous for suggesting that the key to a societal collapse is demoralization.

According to Bezmenov, by making people think that everything they believe in is lost, you can manipulate them into being satisfied with much less.

Introducing depressive thoughts and feelings of inevitability is one of the best revolutionary tactics, used throughout the eastern block and other communists countries.

If we dig in deep that is exactly what has happened throughout 2020 amid the Presidential election and COVID19 pandemic.

The Second Step - Destabilization

When it comes to destabilization there isn’t a better way than shutting down the economy of a country.

Unfortunately, the rapid increase of death rates at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic as well as uncertainty led to millions of people losing their jobs.

Not only that but popular sporting events were shut down or postponed till further notice, which furtherly demoralized the population.

The result was that after years of economic stabilization during Trump’s mandate it all went down the drain, and apparently, this is what the political left was waiting for.

Even now when the pandemic is under control, there is still a lot of panicking which according to Scott McKay and Yuri Bezmanov is a condition for a successful revolution.

Third Step - Crisis

Moving on with the Four Steps of Marxist Takeover, the first crisis of the year 2020 was the one related to Trump’s impeachment.

As you may or may not know, the political unrest caused by impeachment processes was only the third such case in American history. Before Trump’s acquittal, no other president was ever impeached twice.

After that, the beginning of the COVID19 rush, supported by the riots that were related to George Floyd’s death, only furtherly complicated the social crisis.

When combined, these few factors, along with a shattered economy and demoralized nation are great catalysts for a “new normal”.

Fourth Step - “Normalization”

The final stage of what Scott and Yuri consider to be a Marxist revolution is setting up a “new normal”.

This is something that we are witnessing on an everyday basis, with people accepting a limited social life, canceled sports as well as cultural events, and most importantly, an Establishment that is against the interest and votes of millions throughout the USA.