Joe Biden’s choice for Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, Rachel Levine, has long defended the practice of subjecting children to hormone treatments because they “feel” transgendered.

Of course, while this is outrageous, it perhaps isn’t surprising. Levine, after all, was born Richard Levine. And as a transgendered person, it’s to be expected that, for personal reasons, he would support the transgender agenda to the hilt — even to the unreasonable and patently insane point of causing irreversible damage to children by essentially destroying their endocrine systems.

But what is also either hilarious or infuriating — depending on one’s perspective — is the fact that Levine refuses to say whether or not he has undergone hormone treatments himself.

Levine’s Support for Child Sex Changes

Since what we’ve already said is not ludicrous enough, Levine is also a pediatrician. In fact, he worked at Penn State Hershey Medical Center from 1993 to 2015. While there, he gave lectures on how to perform sex-change operations on children. There are records of him giving such lectures as early as 2012 and also of him saying, as early as 2014, that adults should allow children to “choose their genders.”

Levine also has a record of similar advocacy for teenagers dating back to at least 2017. That year, in fact, he gave a speech in which he described teens who feel that they might be transgendered as in danger of going through “the wrong puberty.”

Because he is an ideologue, Levine studiously ignores the fact that hormones are a powerful influence on human behavior, and that therefore, children who experience gender dysphoria are unlikely to continue having such feelings after they are allowed to go through puberty normally.

Levine and other transgender ideologues ostensibly complain about the anxiety that children with gender dysphoria experience and therefore advocate hormone therapy to cure them. But if mere anxiety and discomfort were the only problems, these could be resolved by normal puberty just as well as they could be by destructive hormone therapy.

The fact that Levine continues to push for transition operations for children despite surely being aware of this truth shows you where his loyalties really lie on this matter.

A Blatant Diversity Hire

Matters are even worse with Levine than this, however. To put it bluntly, he is a blatant diversity hire. Biden’s choice to install him in his role was simply a way to placate the many identity groups that the left is now forced to pander to. There is nothing in Levine’s record that suggests he is qualified for his job.

Levine used to be Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary. In his time in that role, at least 10,022 elderly people in that state died as a direct result of his nursing home policies. Just as in the better-known case in New York, Levine also ordered Pennsylvania nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. The results were similar to those in New York.

Levine’s nomination is a victory for ideology over reality.