Merrick Garland — a circuit court judge who was once nominated by Barack Obama to be on the Supreme Court and has now been nominated by Joe Biden to become the Attorney General — has shown himself to be a stalwart stooge for the left-wing politicians and rabble-rousers who elevated him to prominence.

The left is infamous for its double standards — its rioters are “mostly peaceful,” while right-wing protesters are “insurrectionists” — and when testifying before the Senate in his confirmation hearing, Garland continued the ignoble leftist tradition.

You see, according to the man who will likely become the next Attorney General, Antifa is not really a domestic terrorist organization. Once you see what his explanation is for holding this ridiculous viewpoint, you’ll see that under his control, the Justice Department will become a joke.

Merrick Garland on Antifa

Predictably, Garland made some boilerplate comments about right-wing “domestic terrorism” during his testimony. He elevated this phenomenon into some kind of enormous threat to the country, even though the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies have long since infiltrated the sorts of groups that Garland has in mind.

Just as predictably, he pledged to investigate those who were involved in instigating the Capitol riot. Of course, we can safely infer that those who really instigated the riot — infiltrators from BLM and Antifa, as well as possibly even some of the Capitol Police — will never be prosecuted by Garland for anything. Trump supporters will simply be found and will be railroaded.

Even more ominously, Garland promised to also go after “aiders and abettors who were not present on January 6.”

But the moment of truth came when Senator Josh Hawley asked Garland about Antifa. Specifically, Hawley asked whether the documented assaults by Antifa on federal and other government buildings — like courthouses and police stations — would be enough, in his judgment, to also brand it a domestic terrorist organization.

Garland hemmed and hawed and then proceeded to draw the kind of meaningless distinction that is emblematic of why so many people dislike lawyers.

Garland’s reply, in short, was that a group that attacks a federal courthouse while it is in operation would be engaging in domestic terrorism, but since Antifa only attacked these places at night when no government workers were present, this was a mere criminal act that did not rise to the level of domestic terrorism.

Does anyone seriously believe that if a right-wing militia had bombed the Capitol building at night while no one was inside of it, Garland would hesitate to call that act a case of domestic terrorism?

Garland is just making excuses.

He wants to do what almost everyone who has ever held political power has wanted to do: reward his friends and push his enemies. And he will make up any excuse he needs to do just that.