CNN anchor John Berman took issue with a report from Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson after the divisive media figure questioned whether the attacks at the US Capitol building actually happened. Berman took the shots at Carlson during the Tuesday morning broadcast of “New Day,” calling Carlson’s show a “fantasy island.”

History of Carlson’s Comments

Berman’s comments came the morning after Carlson used his platform on Fox News to say that the January 6 attacks on the Capitol were not an armed insurrection. Carlson also denied that white supremacists were involved in the insurrection.

Interview With Michigan Senator

The comments by Berman came during an interview with Michigan Sen. Gary Peters. As expected, the Democratic Senator sided with Berman in the segment.

Peters said that it was “outrageous” that Carlson was downplaying the severity of the attacks, pointing out that he himself lived through it that day. Peters also reminded the audience that people died that day, including members of the Capitol Police.

The senator confirmed that information and video footage gathered from that day points to the involvement of extremist groups. Peters was clear that this rise in extremist groups activity is a serious threat to the security of the nation.

Senate Hearings Underway

Also on Tuesday, the Senate began the process of hearing bipartisan testimony regarding the failure of the security measures on that fateful day at the Capitol. Two Senate committees are meeting to discuss interviews with officials charged with securing the building.

The goal of the hearings is to shed light on what led to the massive security breach that allowed the rioters to penetrate the building.