Uncomfortable truths about race, crime, and biology are systematically hidden from the populace all the time.

One of the pillars of the current regime is the multicultural notion that significant behavioral and biological differences between racial groups either don’t exist at all or are entirely a product of environmental influences. Another of the regime’s pillars is the idea that white people are responsible for everything bad that happens to nonwhites or that nonwhites do, usually because of some kind of mysterious and never properly defined “systemic racism.”

Racial crime statistics are, therefore, like kryptonite to the social and intellectual orthodoxies of our time. That’s why such statistics are either never released at all or are so hidden as to be almost impossible for the general public to examine.

However, the NYPD recently released crime statistics for 2020 and has broken them down by race. To those who already know about the reality of racial differences, what they reveal is unsurprising, but to the uninitiated, they are shocking.

NYPD’s Race and Crime Stats

New York City’s statistics for murder and non-negligent manslaughter are truly incredible. According to the 2020 Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City report, 60.2% of all suspects arrested for these crimes in 2020 were Black, 32.1% were Hispanic, and 4.1% were either Asians or Pacific Islanders.

That means that 96.4% of New York City’s homicide and non-negligent manslaughter perpetrators were nonwhite.

To put this into perspective, the city’s population demographics are as follows: 22.8% Black, 28.6% Hispanic, and 12.6% Asian.

Thus, whites, who are only about 33% of the city’s population, are only responsible for an estimated 3.6% of murders. Asians and Pacific Islanders are also heavily underrepresented.

That makes the gargantuan overrepresentation of Blacks and Hispanics in murder rates all the more astonishing.

The statistics for victims of these crimes are also similar: 65% of murder and non-negligent homicide victims are Black, 26.4% are Hispanic, and only 6.1% are white.

Similar numbers apply to other violent crimes as well. Of robbery suspects in 2020, 94.7% were nonwhites. The same is true of 93.3% of arrested rape suspects and an unbelievable 98.3% of arrested suspects in non-fatal shootings.

But again, none of these data may be mentioned in public political discussions as they would destroy many cherished political ideals.

Adults, however, must be willing to tell the truth and have uncomfortable conversations when necessary.

It’s a shame that our elite class essentially consists of children.